Kirjoittaja Aihe: 3008 - Vikakoodi P3011 (THP)  (Luettu 1028 kertaa)

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3008 - Vikakoodi P3011 (THP)
« : 24.03.2018, 12:55:07 »
Auto: 2011 3008 1,6 THP 156.

Mistähän osais hakea vikaa vikakoodiin P3011. Kaasuvipuasennon vika, palautus jousi ei tarpeeksi tehokas ???


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Vs: 3008 - Vikakoodi P3011 (THP)
« Vastaus #1 : 25.03.2018, 10:58:58 »
Googletuksella löytyi jotain:
It generally means that there is a fault within the emissions circuit. However it does not necessarily mean that there is a fault with the CAT or lambda sensors.
It could be one of many sensors or faults that causes the ECU to detect a fault and could led to this error message been displayed.
p3011 = fuel pump relay short to positive
But my advice is to clear the fault code. If it appears again then change the fuel filter and go from there. If the problem persist then as I said chec your emission circuit.

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